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Software Development

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EC Council Secure Programming - click here for course outline
The ECSP certification is intended for programmers who are responsible for designing and building secure Windows/Web based applications with .NET/Java Framework. It is designed for developers who have C#, C++, Java, PHP, ASP, .NET and SQL development skills.  Call your BT Training Specialist for availability.

We specialise in Microsoft Visual Studio,, C#, Ajax, JEE Web Applications, Design Patterns, Eclipse, EJB, Spring, Ruby and much more.

At BT, our conviction is that every delivery
of every Software course needs to be specifically tailored to the needs of the developers attending it, from graduates contemplating their first Java project, to seasoned veterans looking to exploit emerging tools and standards.  
Our team can customise content to meet your organisations specific learning needs.  Call now for your FREE course analysis service from our dedicated instructors.

2008 has been another year of relentless
evolution within the Java community. Java 5 and JEE5 are now in widespread use, with early adopters looking forward to Java 7 and JEE6. JRuby and Groovy are in fierce competition to become the de-facto scripting language for the JVM, whilst the Spring framework offers a compelling alternative to the conventional JEE technology stack. Underpinning all of this is OSGi, which looks set to revolutionise how Java applications are bundled, deployed and maintained.

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 include a host of new features for the developer. The main framework feature in the .NET Framework version 3.5 is LINQ, which stands for Language Integrated Query (LINQ). LINQ makes SQL-like syntax a first-class citizen in VB and C#. On the ASP.NET front, enhancements include integrated AJAX support and new data controls. Like the progression of .NET 2.0 to .NET 3.0, the features of .NET 3.5 are additive. The core assemblies installed for .NET Framework version 2.0 are still used in versions 3.0 and 3.5. This means .NET 3.5 doesn?t change or take away or break any functionality, concepts, or code present in 2.0 - it simply adds new types and features and capabilities to the framework. Visual
Studio 2008 is the recommended tool for developing ASP.NET applications. It includes an improved designer experience, JavaScript debugging and IntelliSense features, and the ability to view and even step into the core .NET Framework code during debugging. It is multi-targeted (unlike VS 2003 and VS 2005), so developers can choose which version of the framework (2.0, 3.0 or 3.5) they want to build their application for. Of course, most developers who have used version 2.0 will be interested in the features added in version 3.0, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow (WF). BT will be offering training on all the topics described here. See schedule for details.