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M_o_R® Management of Risk  

Course PRMOR: Five days; Instructor-led


Management of Risk (M_o_R®) provides new guidance of risk which can be used across an organisation.  Within project and programme environments there will always be risks which need to be identified, analysed and managed.  Other areas of an organisation will also be exposed to risks as operational functions are carried out.  M_o_R® provides guidance on how best to deal with this.


Any organisation or individual seeing the need for guidance on a controlled approach to identifying, analysing and managing risk.
The course is suitable for Project & Programme Managers, Risk Managers, Project Support and Assurance Staff, Business Managers, Business Continuity Planners & Security Teams, Strategic Planners, Auditors, with responsibility for ensuring effective Corporate Governance.

Process owners, Managers from other disciplines, particularly those responsible for establishing standards an integration with MSP ®and PRINCE2® will also benefit


The key objectives of this course are to:

  • Provide Delegates with an understanding of the benefits and principles underlying a structured approach to the assessment and management of risks.
  • Apply the principles of M_o_R® within a work environment
  • Communicate effectively with colleagues and managers within a structured risk environment
  • Enable delegates to understand the M_o_R® method at the Foundation and, where chosen, the Practitioner levels.

Course Outline

Overview Of Corporate Governance And Risk

Introducing basic concepts and terms, the history, regulatory and legislative background of corporate governance and management of risk.

Management Of Risk Process Lifecycle

Examining how risks and issues are initiated and how they can be managed from start to finish. Where the M_o_R® framework can be applied.

Making It Work And Getting It Right

Looking at tips, tricks and traps in corporate governance and management of risk.

Frameworks, Tools And Techniques

An overview of the different ways that a framework can be implemented as well as providing a good foundation for understanding the tools, process and techniques that are used in risk management.

Budgets, Finance - Management Of Risk

Examining the financial aspects of management of risk, how it should be budgeted, how it fits with financial risk and cost benefit analysis.

Communicating And Training; Risk Awareness

How a corporate governance communication strategy could be set up, modified or run; how to get buy-in and ownership of risk; what it means to be a risk owner; how to develop staff awareness.

Measurement, Control And Reporting

The best way to use risk assessment and management tools, as well as how to monitor progress; ways to use the tools to encourage innovation; facilitate auditing; risk reporting.

Support Function For the Management Of Risk Within A Programme and/or Project

An overview of the extent and level at which corporate governance and management of risk should be applied throughout a programme, project or project office process.  Also management of risk for resourcing, tendering and the procurement process; service level agreements and value chains.

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